I havn't done much spinning this year. But with all this nice weather I got inspired to move out in the garden with my spinningwheel and spin away!

I still have alot of alpacawool from my visit at Kusipacha alpaca farm last autumn. So now I'm working on spinning all the wool that I've sorted, combed and carded. I don't know if what I've brought with me will be enough for cardigan but maby for a cute top. I hope so anyway!

In the weekend I finished two balls of two plyed alpacayarn, app. 200 meters and 146 grams. I've really been working on spinning it a bit thicker. But when you concured the method of spinning really thin, it's difficult to spin thick without getting it uneaven.
So it's not the best yarn I've ever spun, but it's oh so soft!

Lovely alpaca!


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