Today I'm 24 on the 24th of May.
And what a day I've had! Working in sunny and warm weather, treating my colleagues to some bananacake, getting a Spätzle grater from Sabine, phonecalls from my parents, a letter from Linda, birthdaycard from grandma, tea and salt liquorice and lots of greatings via the world wide web.
I celebrated with my family during the weekend they were here. I felt like a spoiled little child after opening my presents. I got a camerastand, a Gudrun Sjödén scarf, iPhone gloves, a bath towel, a sockknitting bock and beautiful earrings from my granddad.

Buuut, one of best present arrived this morning with mail. It was a picture from one of my testknitters who had already completed the shawl I designed.
It was one strange but wonderful feeling to see something I designed knitted by someoneelse.
I think Susanne did a great job, and I'm very thankful that she wanted to help me testknit the shawl!

Inspire me knitted by Susanne

Postat av: Maria

Grattis lilla vackra Anna! Härligt att du fick en fin dag! Massa kramar!

2012-05-24 @ 23:06:46

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