Evening gardening

Today has been even warmer than yesterday, 30 degrees C!
I was planning to water my kitchengarden after work, but it was still so warm that it wouldn't have any affect.
So just before 7 pm I went out instead, in shorts, sleeveless top and boots..
I wasn't very happy about founding that my boss had burried all my newly planted cucumber, I had to dig them out and replant them.

Now my only plan is to drink a huge glas of icecold mintsap and knit on my new cardiganproject!

I'm not much for planning when I arrange my kitchengarden, not when it's only for one year and you don't need to think about crop rotation. I just do, some garlic here, some sallad there. Growing your one vege should be easy!

Beetroot and..

..tatsoi says "thank you and good night!"


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