I really did my best to sleep in today. But when the clock stroke 8am I was wide awake.
I spend sometime in bed reading Anne Frank then I went up to start preparing for this evenings dinner!
I've baked two rubarbpies and some baguettes, peeled all potatoes and cleaned to house.
My parents are brining some things from Sweden, such as smoked salomon and homemade meatballs.
So tonight we are having a big dinner together with my parents, my younger brother, my grandmother, my co-worker Sabine, my boss and his family and his parents. All in all 13 people!

So now, I'm just waiting for their arrival. Feels almost like christmas eve!


Check out how everything is growing at the biggest motherplant area!
The pictures are from march, april and may.

Postat av: Maria

Tack! Och jag måste verkligen komma igång med mitt inspire me-stickand men jag vet inte vad jag ska göra nu. Kag tror att jag är missnöjd eftersom garnet är för tunt. Kanske ska jag börja om från början. Tröttsamt... Ha en fin kväll!

2012-05-19 @ 21:50:48
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