I finished my latest cardigan Zestestial after Jennifer Thompsons pattern Zest two weeks ago.
It took me exactly a month to complete it. Knitted with Drops Baby Merino, a total of 4.2 skeins and 733 meters.

I could say alot of things about this pattern - I think it's a very pretty cardigan, I love the details with the cables in the back to enhance the waist and the lace is also beautiful. But I feel that there is still some work to do on this pattern.
For example - according to pattern my upperarms are a size 30, a so called size ZERO..I don't feel like a size zero girl so I knitted the sleeves two sizes bigger - same size as body - and they are tight! If I've done them a size zero they would not have fit me. I also added three lacerepeats on the arms - I thought this would make them full length, as the picture shows, but I could have added 3 or 4 to that! I have a friend who has knitted the same cardigan and the sleeves is just one issue - she had to add 14 repeats on the arms - that was TWICE as may repeats as the pattern suggested.

I think the pattern needs to be testknitted by people by all sizes to really see if it fits - you can't just knit one size and then count and think that you get all sizes right.

Well, enough complaining - here it is Zestestial!

Postat av: Petter

Väldigt fin kofta!

Har precis lärt mig sticka. En kofta vore drömmen. En dag så... :)

2012-05-10 @ 00:48:05
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