When I woke up this dreary, grey, september sunday I felt a little bit homesick.
And what better to cure it than bake a bunch of Swedish cinnamonrolls!
I made them just as I would make them at home, with the exception that I used dry yeast and buttermilk instead of fresh yeast and ordinary milk.
I must say that buttermilk is sort of an revelation to me! We don't have it in Sweden anymore but I've seen lots of english and american TV chefs using it but not quite comprehending what it was.
I bought it yeasterday with the thought that it was milk that hasn't been seperated from the cream, and was very surprised to find that it was fairly thick and a bit sour.
So I went on google to read more, it seems like the main reason that we don't have it in the supermarket anymore is becasue it all goes to the swedish baking industry.
Anyhow, they turned out GREAT! And since they are best eaten warm, almost straight from the oven, I went over to my boss family and to his parents to treat them to some cinnamonrolls as well.
I always put brown sugar ontop of my cinnamonrolls instead of the traditional swedish pärlsocker.
The dahlia is one called 'Smokey' and I bought at the flowermarket in Amsterdam.

Postat av: Maria

Men åååå vad gott! Jag kan nästan känna lukten ända hit! När allt kommer i ordning ska jag baka!

Svar: Najs, då kan du ha lite Sverige i Norge så har jag lite Sverige i Holland. Jämnt och bra fördelat :)

2012-09-02 @ 15:45:22

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